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Got to follow up for you now on a story we have been tracking here in America live is Fox News cameras that catch up with a convicted and admitted cop killer.

And domestic terrorist who is now teaching at Columbia University.

Her name is Kathy Boudin.

In 1981 she belonged to be radical domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground co founded by bill -- They robbed an armored car in New York State Brinks car and in the process she and her cohorts killed three men to police officers and a security guard.

Today after serving 22 years in jail -- -- dean has this Columbia University job.

Or fox news's own Jesse waters managed to confront her.

You this family.

Yeah considered -- create -- Harmful and you're going to any of the victims' families,Hollister Deutschland.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,http://hollisterq-onlineshops.com/.

Who -- don't show.

-- -- For Michael please.

But -- all day.

Among would -- victims were security guard Peter Paige and police officer sergeant Edward O'Grady and officer Waverly brown.

And joining me now -- former police detective who was wounded in that 1981 attack retired New -- Nyack New York police detective.

Arthur king -- good to see -- vs -- -- so -- -- missed but he was part of a group that shot you.

That's correct and you can hear they're saying she has nothing but regret for the suffering she's caused she's attempted to leave the -- that would expressed that remorse and regret.

Do you believe that.

No I don't.

She's preaching -- A law class at NYU recently.

As you saw.

About cutting her husband -- co defendants out early third some of them have -- part of your life to life sentences.

One of which is -- husband.

-- -- -- And she's.

If she ever apologize to you reached out to you -- anyway.

Not at all she's been on the run since 1969.

Bombing of a building in Greenwich soldier -- New York.

And was underground -- minutes away and one wonders Brinks -- took place no she tried to run from the scene that -- in New York State thruway was.

Apprehended by an off -- -- officer from Rikers Island Michael Koch,Hollister Deutschland.

We set we spoke with Michael Paige is a -- of an officer Peter Paige that she her -- killed.

And he said now she's never apologize to us either so many you know -- she hasn't apologized to any of the victims for crimes she pleaded guilty to.

And she pleaded no question that she was you know there and that her group killed three law enforcement officers you mentioned with the speech -- -- she teaches at Columbia now that she gave remarks at NYU recently.

And you mentioned that the content of those remarks did she did she say I want to reach out to detective Keenan did she say I want to offer a public apology now.

To the family of -- of Peter page.

Not exactly here's what she did say -- I would also talk about the people that are still in prison and not here and remember them,Hollister Online Shop.

People David -- but Judy Clarke.

-- -- -- -- -- so many other people that aren't here,http://hollisterr-uk.co.uk/.

But -- -- of them we want them here with us and hopefully someday they will be.

The people who are still present.

-- talking about,http://hollisterl-at.com/.

Are her husband David Gilbert and several co defendants to choose on a soapbox at these two colleges.

To try to accomplish her mission.

By swaying,http://www.hollisteronlinecshop.de/.

The young students there.

That weren't even born when these crimes took place then radical views -- -- -- same as they were -- the sixers.

So she's got a lot of empathy for the people who are in jail for their crimes and -- murderers.

Not so much for the victims and the families of their victims take us back to that day I mean because.

Would have us believe Bill -- recently came out and said we are all about property damage that's -- the Weather Underground was about property damage not killing anybody.

Well on that day.

We had a roadblocks set up -- who -- mentioned she's not come Mountain View revenue.

And based on a description that I had been put out on the -- so radio.

We have stopped -- you -- truck which was.

Described as being a getaway vehicle after a switch of vehicles had taken place a short distance from the -- what -- Where -- robbery took place.

And a college student -- see the switch.

And -- Armed.

People getting into the back commission U haul truck and based on that we've set -- a roadblock.

And they come out shooting with and sixteen fully automatic -- fifth round banana clip from the other.

Various automatic weapons and George -- Engaged in fire with them as I -- -- officer brown was -- we never got off a shot.

Officer Lennon was -- down his son of a police car returned fire with both -- -- -- pistol.

The car was totaled.

By the shots were fired at that and also was -- the by the U haul truck someone got back into your whole -- was she was.

-- getaway driver Basra but when you're the getaway driver and a triple murders -- committed you are also a murderer and that's what she pleaded guilty to -- -- felony murder quickly before -- let -- she's -- at NYU she was lecturing on the politics of her role in reentry she sounds well suited to talk about that he had any objection that.

Well you know -- -- -- recently I have no more comments about her she served their time and what the -- you know I'm hard -- by the law.


You give -- thank you for that cash,Hollister Online Shop.

You do when you enforce the detective thank you and up next a.

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